Seed 0.21 Release Notes— Rails 5 support and more

Seed is a way to build rails applications — things that look like social networks — quickly. It generates baseline code for the basic plumbing of your app so you can focus on what’s unique about what you do. It’s been over 6 months since the last release, lets take a quick tour through the changelog to see whats in there.

Upgrade to Rails 5

happy_seed now generates rails 5 applications, and all gems in all generators have been updated to support this. (Including ActiveAdmin!)

AdminTools now integrates with role system

The admin generator now will optionally generate a seperate User model. If you want to use your existing user model, it will use the new roles generator to install cancancan and make sure that your permission system works cleanly off in the backoffice as the front site.

Cleaned and explanded User System

FormUser is now merged in with the main user model, which greatly simplifies testing and the old approach to managing OAuth2 backed accounts is deprecated. (It will be documented shortly.) Additional devise_invitiable and devise_confirmable have been added and all the generated pages updated.

HTML Editors

simple_form has been added to the scaffold generator, and ckeditor is installed and configured for both the front end and admin tools. This adds a fair amount to the js that is compiled and installed, but makes adding rich text html editors as simple as:

= simple_form_for(@post) do |f|
= f.error_notification

= f.input :title
= f.input :body, as: :ckeditor

= f.button :submit

Simple CMS

A basic CMS ideal for letting admin users edit site copy is included. Wrap your content in a basic block that you can magically edit in the admin panel.

= show_content “key” do
%h1 Hi there

HTML Emails by default

Scaffold generators and various devise generators are updated to include HTML emails. An application layout is included with global CSS rules that the premailer gem will parse and apply inline styles to. Here’s the overview docs.


React generators are now included, which lets you build webpack based react apps that get served from rails. Look here for more information.

What’s next

The next big thing we’re working on with seed is curating a few preconfigured applications to start building from. Right now seed is a collection of generators that apply Gems and configurations to your project, but we’d like to have a few collections of helpful components to get you off and running with a particular type of site (i.e. social, marketing site backed by a CMS, forum, etc.) We’re also playing around with adding more realtime stuff to the apps.

In the meantime, we’re working on updating the website, recording more screen casts, and compiling specific tutorials to help get you going. Please let us know if you are using seed, if you have any questions, or are looking for some answers! We’re excited to see what you’ll build!